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The Hearing Center of Plainview proudly serves the Long Island community with state of the art hearing aid technology, advanced hearing testing and tinnitus services. Call us today at 516.342.7242 to learn more about how our hearing experts can help you.
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Active Lifestyle

Active LifestyleDo you like to attend live sporting events, large group events or other social gatherings? An Active Lifestyle Hearing Aid may be for you. Learn More +

Casual Lifestyle

drivingCasual Lifestyle hearing aids are great for people who do occasional driving or meet with small groups. Learn More +

Quiet Lifestyle

Quiet LifestyleIf you have difficulty hearing your television, or friends when eating out at a quiet restaurant then a Quiet Lifestyle hearing aid may be for you. Learn More +

Very Quiet Lifestyle

Very Quiet LifestyleYou have modest hearing requirements for very quiet environments such as a religious service or small gathering of friends. Learn More +

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